International Day of the Midwife

Powerful images of midwives in Pakistan.

On the road

Today is International Day of the Midwife. During my travels in Pakistan, photographing the stories I did on maternal health issues, midwifes and midwifery students have been central figures. So I wanted to honor them today by posting some portraits of midwifery students from Karachi.

Farheen, in the picture above, is 23 years old, and hopes to one day open her own clinic. ‘Not just to make money but to help needy women that now often are handled by a dai (traditional midwife) and suffer complications because they don’t get the skilled help they need.’

(In the picture from left to right) Kishwar Jahen, 22 years old, didn’t dream to become a midwife but her sister chose this profession for her, thinking it would be a good way to support her family. By now she is motivated and wants to help women deliver safely.

For Naseem Ramzan, 20 years old,  it’s…

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